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Perspectives. Sep 7th, 2017

Eight weeks have flown by

Perspectives. Jul 31st, 2017

No two days are the same

Meet the experts

“2020 Delivery continues to do an absolutely outstanding job at the Trust…”

Chief Executive, NHS Acute Trust

“Thank you for everything you have done. A real triumph.”

Director General, HM Treasury

“The best “consultancy” experience to date in my career – a great balance of support and challenge – with a clear focus and drive on delivery!”

Director, NHS Foundation Trust

“We’ve been inspired to experiment”

Member of Emergency Department, NHS Foundation Trust

“This wouldn’t have happened as well as it has done if our lead hadn’t been supported in the way 2020 supported her”

Chair, NHS Foundation Trust

“The piece of work that you (with a bit of input from me) did back in 2009/10 on this was about spot-on in terms of what we needed to 2016!!!”

Deputy Medical Director, NHS Acute Trust

“Most external consultants interview staff and produce glossy summaries of their analysis but your team brought more breadth and depth of understanding of the issues and revealed new information that we had not considered previously.”

COO, NHS Foundation Trust

“Interesting, fun and relevant throughout”

Development programme participant

“This was one of the best structured workshops that I have attended and your presenting style was incredibly engaging”

NHS Manager

“The course was brilliant – the best training I have ever done”

Development programme participant, NHS Foundation Trust

“She has completely transformed in presentation, attitude, outcomes data analysis, work ethic.”

Project review panel member

“I valued the leadership and experience that they brought to the project and also the analytical support that they were able to provide.”

Performance Director, Home Office Executive Agency

“The team have consistently demonstrated very strong technical capabilities across a range of subject areas (strategy, finance, operational performance improvement etc.).”

Chief Executive, NHS Acute Trust

“The 2020 team repeatedly went further than the brief to support the development of the team… They made a reality of skills transfer.”

Director, Home Office Executive Agency

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