D5 Methodology

This is 2020 Delivery’s bespoke and proven methodology for solving complex problems in public services.

It was designed by Director Dr Mike Meredith following twenty years’ experience as a project management expert and public sector specialist.

D5 is rooted in improvement science.  It incorporates well known industrial improvement techniques like lean methodology, the DMAIC cycle, Deming’s PDSA cycle, value-stream mapping and cause analysis. It’s broader than many lean programme approaches, with creativity, change theory and benefit realisation built in, to help manage projects in complex and less controlled public service environments.

The 2020 Delivery team uses the D5 approach in all our work. We’ve built D5 capability for over 1450 public service staff members across the NHS, financial services, local and central government and police. It’s a practical and simplified improvement framework with an emphasis on delivery.



With D5, you and your teams can:

  • Solve complex problems
  • Deliver quality and efficiency improvements fast and effectively
  • Drive insight
  • Have a common team language and approach for improvement
  • Use proven tools within a standard project framework