Capability Building

When 2020 Delivery supports your innovation or transformation project, we want to leave you in control of a sustainable and continuing transformation that will keep on delivering results when we’ve left the building. We’re focused on providing lasting value to public services, so we don’t want to create an ongoing dependency on our resources.

Capability building is therefore a very important part of our service. We incorporate staff development and skills transfer into our projects, so your teams can contribute effectively from the outset, growing their capabilities and taking ownership as the project evolves.

We train and empower your staff using a range of methods, according to your project and needs. Programmes can include skills and tools training, case-study-based exercises and courses, mentoring, and viva assessments, where participants apply what they’ve learned to their own day-to-day projects.

There’s an emphasis on practical and applied learning: all our trainers and mentors are experienced practitioners who use the tools they teach every day in their own roles.

Training and capability building in practice

We teach in-house courses at your own site or a location of your choice, to keep costs down. They may be standard courses from our menu or custom developed for your teams. We also offer open access courses, which are held at our London offices. Contact us today to discuss how we can best meet your training and capability building needs.

Our capability building courses

Our capability building courses help public service organisations transform their delivery culture, establish improvement methodologies and capacity, establish new transformation and delivery teams and hone senior leadership skills.

We have entered into a collaboration with Harvard Business School to introduce their leading-edge courses from Harvard Business School Online to public service organisations.  These interactive, high quality programmes help professionals become more effective leaders, learn critical business topics and new skill sets.  We can work with you to decide which courses would be most valuable for your teams and colleagues.


Our D5 methodology

Our D5 project methodology is designed specifically for making improvements in public services.