2020 Delivery offers an exciting and stretching development programme with a core curriculum focuses on building skills in problem solving, analysis, leadership, and engagement, in addition to the extensive learning from your colleagues on-project. This includes:

  • Our three-day Fast Effective Projects Delivered in-house, this is an intensive introduction to core consulting skills and tools, where you will work with other new joiners on a healthcare-based case study. You will take part in this course during your first weeks at the company, which will set you up for success on your first client projects.
  • A personal Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment with a qualified Myers Briggs Practitioner. You will have a full MBTI assessment when you join the company, to help you understand your personal preferences and working styles.
  • Foundation skills courses on data analysis in Microsoft Excel; effective data visualisation; creating consulting slide packs in Microsoft PowerPoint; and productive use of Microsoft Word and Outlook.
  • A whole day interactive workshop on performance improvement, incorporating lean methodologies and continuous improvement approaches.
  • Elective development opportunities tailored to individuals’ needs and stage in the company, such as Harvard Business School’s  HBS Online primer programme on the fundamentals of business thinking, which includes courses on business analytics, economics and financial accounting. We have also offered Harvard’s Disruptive Strategy programme to senior leaders in the company.
  • Junior and senior cohort development programmes, providing each cohort of consultants with an opportunity to develop and apply the skills required at the current point in your development journey.
  • Whole-company away days, which we use as an opportunity for strategy reviews, group reflection and team-building.

At 2020 Delivery, we regard consulting as an ongoing “apprenticeship”, given that much of our learning happens continuously on projects. Throughout your project work you will be guided by experienced project managers and directors who will provide day-to-day coaching and feedback. At project kick-off we discuss each team member’s learning goals. At the mid and end-points of projects, you will complete a performance review exercise with your project manager.

Each member of the 2020 Delivery team is supported on their development journey by a personal career manager from among the company’s senior staff members. This ensures that development is tailored to your individual needs to help you perform at your best. We all undertake 360-degree reviews on an annual basis, with individualised feedback provided by colleagues from across the company. Coaching programmes help our people further embed new skills and behaviours.