2020 Delivery is an exciting and energising learning environment. We attract the best minds to the company and we have designed a development programme to stretch these minds and create the best capabilities for the public service. Our core curriculum focuses on building skills in problem solving, analysis, leadership, drive and engagement, and includes:

  • Three-day Fast Effective Projects course. This is an intensive introduction to the consulting skills and tools, delivered by our expert faculty. You will attend this programme within your first weeks of joining the company and work with your new colleagues on an interactive healthcare based case study.
  • 12 week Harvard Business School HBX CORe business skills programme: We are the first company in the UK to partner with Harvard Business School on their HBX CORe and Disruptive Strategy programmes. In your first year with the company you will have the opportunity to participate in this intensive training programme on analytical skills: economics, financial accounting, business analytics run by faculty from the world’s leading business school.
  • Personal Myers Briggs assessment. Each of our staff has a full Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment with a qualified Myers Briggs Practitioner when they join the company to help them learn their approach to personal effectiveness.
  • Presentation and Presence training. You and your cohort will be trained by an expert in presentation, you will be videoed and provided with individual feedback and guidance to enhance your presence.
  • 2 day interpersonal relationships training. In your first couple of years with 2020 Delivery you will be trained by Interactifs in an approach to help you interact more effectively with others.
  • Annual junior and senior development days. Every year you will attend a development day with your cohort to learn and apply skills required at this point in your development journey.
  • Technical and analytical training in Excel, SQL, statistics. We have in-house programmes to support these skills.
  • On project apprenticeship learning. Throughout your project work you will be guided by experienced project managers and directors. They will provide you with day-to-day coaching and feedback and you will receive a detailed Review of Project Performance (RPP) assessment at the end of each project.

Each person is supported through our intensive development programme with the guidance of a personal career manager, a member of the company leadership team. Individuals receive 360 reviews on an annual basis and their development programme is tailored to help them perform at their best. Coach-in-a-Box coaching programmes are provided to help people embed new skills and behaviours.

Development is a collaborative effort within the company, each of you is encouraged to share your expertise and skills with your colleagues through our weekly programme of brown bag lunches. We also encourage development of new skills by participating in our pro bono programme, which includes up to one day per month supporting a charity of choice, including working with our partners, the Refugee Council, to coach refugees in job application and employment skills.