Giving Back

Giving back

Pro bono contribution is a valued aspect of life for the team at 2020 Delivery. Many of us take part in activities including serving as school governors, working in the community and offering strategic advice to a wide range of charitable organisations.

Every team member can take up to one day a month to support a pro bono activity of their choosing.  As a company, we also have an ongoing partnership with The Refugee Council.

The Refugee Council

Since November 2015, we’ve been working in partnership with the Refugees into Jobs team at the Refugee Council. The service offers a wide range of support to refugees looking for employment in Greater London, including expert advice, work experience opportunities and help finding jobs that match their skills.

We run coaching sessions with cohorts of six to eight clients at our offices, with CV preparation, LinkedIn help and mock interviews. We’ve also provided work placements.

The team at 2020 Delivery has already gained much from the experience. As well as developing our coaching skills, we found it humbling and inspiring to meet such engaging, positive and talented individuals and to play a role in helping to open doors for them.


We’ve pioneered working in an environmentally sustainable way for our industry. We take public transport and cycle, recycle, limit our energy usage and purchase sustainably, supporting local businesses where we can.

Our most significant environmental impact is travel. We measure our carbon footprint from this and share our methodology, encouraging others to do the same.


2020 Delivery’s inclusive culture is an essential part of how we provide maximum impact for public services.  By working with a diverse group of people we believe we strengthen our creative, innovative and problem-solving abilities.

We also want to make it easier for the widest range of people to access careers in consulting. To raise awareness for under-represented groups, we work with upReach and ThinkSmart to encourage students from all backgrounds to consider their potential as management consultants and to apply on their own merits.

Read our Equality and Diversity Policy here.