Imaging Insights Solution

Demand for imaging services in the NHS has been rising significantly over the past decade, particularly in complex modalities such as MRI and CT. At 2020 Delivery we understand the pressures on clinical and managerial teams to meet this demand with existing capacity, and the need to drive productivity and efficiency improvements.

The solution

Imaging Insights is a specific solution for use within imaging departments in the NHS. The Imaging Insights Solution uses a dataset of 2000 standardised exam reporting times known as SIET©, developed by 2020 Delivery and validated and endorsed by a panel of leading senior radiologists. Comparing a trust’s data with these standardised time sets produces performance reports on imaging reporting productivity broken down in five different ways:

  • By modality
  • By consultant
  • By time period
  • Against standardised imaging reporting benchmark (SIET©)
  • Against performance of other trusts’ radiology consultants.

The benefits

Launched in 2012, the 2020 Delivery Imaging Insights Solution can help with:

  • Reducing patient waiting time for diagnostic imaging appointments and reports, increasing compliance with national waiting targets and avoiding costly fines
  • Increasing reporting productivity in the department, reducing staffing costs
  • Agreeing and managing expectations of reporting capacity, overall across the department and by team within the department
  • Better utilising existing scanning equipment and resources
  • Tracking and managing overtime, outsourcing, unreported scans and turnaround times
  • Reducing large variation in reporting utilisation and more actively using skill-mix across clinical groups
  • Establishing clear and standardised processes for reporting prioritisation, vetting, protocolling, second reporting

Our experts

Our expert radiology & analytical team have a proven track record of making a real difference. Observing your current processes, interviewing consultants, radiographers and managers, they will conduct a demand & capacity analysis using the 2020 Delivery Imaging Insights tool to understand consultant utilisation and scanner utilisation.

Clinical backing

Imaging Insights is based on a set of assumptions agreed with a panel of consultant radiologists, chosen to represent imaging departments from across the UK, both DGHs and teaching hospitals. This group met in October 2014 to agree the list of procedure times used in calculations of utilisation.

What they say….

In one project in 2015, the 2020 Delivery Imaging Insights Solution supported a large teaching hospital to identify and plan £1.8m recurrent annual savings.
“I am very impressed with the work and it has received a good reception from clinical colleagues.” – Teaching hospital lead client

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