Beyond COVID-19 – what next for urgent care?

A round-up of the key themes emerging at 2020 Delivery's Urgent Care Roundtable event in February - in which senior NHS senior leaders discussed how healthcare systems can change to confidently handle future urgent care demand
Beyond COVID-19 – what next for urgent care?
Mar 17th 2020

In February 2020, we invited senior leaders from across the NHS to our Urgent Care Roundtable.

At the event, guests shared views on how we can move from “just coping with urgent care pressures” to “handling them confidently” – a discussion that becomes ever more relevant as we start to design long-term strategies to deal with COVID-19.

Through the course of the discussion, attendees rounded on four key themes:

  1. A bold new model of care for older people
  2. A shift in culture required from clinical teams
  3. Evidence-based identification of the key few local issues in each system
  4. Capacities can be increased via system-wide collaboration

Read our summary report to find out more about the group’s conclusions.