Continuous improvement in the Metropolitan Police Service

How end-to-end reviews based on 2020 Delivery's D5 methodology led to a new approach for investigating crime in London
Continuous improvement in the Metropolitan Police Service
Oct 9th 2019

In recent years, London’s Metropolitan Police Service (the Met) has faced increasing demand as the nature of crime has changed and diversified. This has added to pressure on finite resources.

Starting in 2013, working with the Home Office, as part of their continuous improvement drive, 2020 Delivery supported several senior Met officers to apply continuous improvement principles to end-to-end reviews of priority crime investigation. The goal was to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of investigation processes from the front line.

Burglary was the first crime type to be reviewed. This led to a trial in which detection rates rose from 7.0% to 10.6% and the number of “very satisfied” victims increased by 14%. Further reviews took place for other crime types. This work provided the impetus for an improved approach to investigation across the whole of London, known as Mi-Investigation.

In partnership with the Home Office, 2020 Delivery and internal staff this was the first time the MPS truly applied a continuous improvement business model to drive performance improvement. This was a very large-scale project whose legacy is that its recommendations are being enacted in the new London wide policing model. It has helped reshape the policing landscape for London with a more efficient and effective service for Londoners.
Detective Chief Superintendent Iain Raphael, Metropolitan Police Service

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