It’s here (and it’s free)…the 2020 Digital Public Services Accelerator

We are excited to announce the launch of a new, free programme for public servants looking to get to grips with the world of digital, or ‘up their game’ when it comes to delivering successful digital projects.
It’s here (and it’s free)…the 2020 Digital Public Services Accelerator
May 16th 2019

Having worked with hundreds of clients in public services, we couldn’t help but notice a rising demand for up-skilling in the world of digital. Pressure to digitise in order to both save money and ‘keep up with the times’ has meant that government departments and NHS bodies have rushed towards digital solutions, often depending upon specialist contractors, and sometimes ending up bamboozled by the high-shine, low-collaboration approach that some agencies take.

We’d like to offer a solution to this, by trying out a training-meets-hackathon event in London, designed especially for public service employees. We’re offering two streams:

  • Digital Public Services Accelerator, Thursday 20th June, Moorgate: for people looking to get to grips with successfully managing or delivering agile, end-to-end digital projects in the public sector. This will involve an effective initiation in user research, agile ways of working, data-led decision making, with a focus on ‘demystifying digital’ so that it works for our clients.
  • Digital Public Services Accelerator 2.0, Thursday 4th July, Paddington: for people with digital experience that are looking to ‘up their game’ with advanced classes on digital procurement, analytics, and benefits quantification. The aim of this course will be to help digital teams develop more in-house expertise, and to work smarter in managing projects or contractors.

Both events will feature interactive classes, as well as the opportunity to have a project of yours ‘hacked’ by our consultants. Whether you need help on identifying the root cause of a problem, building an economic model, or communicating your work to some key stakeholders, for those interested in some more hands-on support, the latter part of each day will be dedicated to crunching through specific project problems.

Plus, both events will give you a great chance to meet interesting people across UK public services, and might even feature some celebratory pizza.

The specific timetable will be announced once our applications are in and we have tailored our content to the needs of our attendees. Events will start at 9.30am and may run until the evening, with an option to leave within standard working hours.

How do I get a place?

We have a limited number of spaces for the event, and will select participants in order to ensure that a range of organisations and specialisms are represented. To register your interest, please complete the appropriate survey.

Apply for the 20th June Accelerator, WeWork, 131 Finsbury Pavement, EC2A 1NT

Apply for the 4th July Accelerator 2.0. WeWork, 2 Eastbourne Terrace, W2 6AA.

Why is 2020 Delivery doing this?

We’ve delivered training to public service employees for over a decade, but never one that’s solely about digital. In addition to wanting to help out the people that we work with, we’re keen to try a new approach to digital upskilling, and to learn from attendees about the problems that they’re facing.