Junior Consultant: no two days are the same

Life as a Junior Consultant
Junior Consultant: no two days are the same
Jul 31st 2017

It’s a consulting cliché, but describing a typical ‘day in the life’ at 2020 Delivery isn’t easy – no two days are the same. Being a Junior Consultant here means you really are just that – a consultant. You will be out with the client from day one.

Behind this lies the chance to really get to know the sector you’re working in. As much of the work at 2020 Delivery is healthcare based, this provides a fantastic chance to get to know the healthcare sector and NHS – complex (!), but incredibly interesting.

What kind of work does a Junior Consultant get up to…

It’s varied, and the following areas are examples of work that I’ve recently spent some of my time on: competitive analysis of a sector of the health tech market, modelling financial projections for NHS organisations, researching proposed transformation strategies for healthcare organisations nationwide and building prototypes for government digital change programmes.

Away from the desk and in a client context, a Junior Consultant might see themselves in a variety of roles, ranging from facilitating workshops and attending programme board executive meetings, to informal catch-ups with clients to update them on the latest state of your work.

The role of Junior Consultants will often involve observing action on the front line of health care, identifying bottlenecks, and subsequently problem solving to identify potential solutions. This can be high paced and demanding, but incredibly rewarding – recent examples include working alongside an A&E department to meet the 4-hour performance target through improved patient flow.

How being a Junior Consultant provides a platform for development…

These experiences make for a steep learning curve, but Junior Consultants at 2020 Delivery are well supported by a two year development programme. This starts with a week long training course developing problem solving skills, and features a number of ongoing courses and training days throughout. The topics covered range from stakeholder management to data analytics. This all occurs in the context of a company where questions are welcome at any time and from anyone – you’ll soon realise how open your colleagues are to helping out.

Building a business, and more…

As a growing organisation, 2020 Delivery retains somewhat of a ‘start-up’ feel and allows for the chance to get involved on the internal strategy of the company. This means that alongside client work, a Junior Consultant might find themselves working on our branding, or improving internal processes around capturing deep sector knowledge, for example.

The varied work means you’re certainly busy, but there’s down time with colleagues. For example, the ‘junior cohort’ at 2020 Delivery, which includes Junior Consultants and Consultants, holds regular events that have recently ranged from rock climbing to drinks. But it’s the team based nature of our work day in day out that means you’ll quickly feel at home.

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Sam Milliken-Smith is a Junior Consultant at 2020 Delivery.