Life as an intern

Reflections on a summer internship with 2020 Delivery
Life as an intern
Sep 17th 2018

We sat down with two of our interns, Will and Mark, to discuss how they found their eight weeks at the company.

When and why did you choose 2020 Delivery?

Mark: I decided to apply to 2020 Delivery out of the thousands of internship options available to penultimate year students like me because of its blend of consulting and public-sector work. Talking to friends who have undertaken internships elsewhere has only made me more certain that I made the right decision.

Will: I joined as an intern after the end of my final year at university. My first impressions of the company during the interview process were very positive; the people I met were genuinely friendly and helpful.

What’s the structure of the internship?

Will: A few weeks before starting I was invited to the office along with other new starters. We heard about some of the company’s recent work and then went for pizza and drinks in the evening. It was a great way to meet people before starting formally on a Monday morning.

Mark: In the first week, Will and I took part in a wide range of training and induction sessions. This included a crash course in the core tools that 2020 Delivery consultants use with their clients. It was really helpful to see how consulting tools can be used to construct questions and solve problems.

Will: The rest of the eight weeks is divided between being part of one of 2020 Delivery’s external client project teams and leading your own internal strategy project.

How much exposure did you get to client work?

Will: I joined a team working with a large hospital trust in the south of England, on a project that had been in progress for several months. The team was helping staff to improve flow through the hospital with the aim of improving their 4-hour A&E performance (an operational standard that at least 95% of patients attending A&E should be admitted, transferred or discharged within four hours.) From the day I arrived I was speaking to and working alongside frontline staff on the wards; this made for a steep learning curve but also for a very rewarding experience.

Mark: My client work was strategy-based, working on an exciting healthcare project involving several hospital trusts. During the eight weeks, I managed to grapple with big data, create presentations for the client, take part in meetings, make my way between five different client sites, and gain a huge amount of insight from both consultant and client members of the team, among much else.

Talk to us about your internal strategy project…

Mark: Every intern takes on an internal strategy project to work on individually, with mentoring and support from colleagues. My project addressed the effect of both regional/mayoral devolution and Brexit on public services. Not only did I get to do some in-depth research and present my findings, it was also a great excuse to speak to almost everyone at the company.

Will: I led a review of the company’s ‘Transformation’ service line. With the support of a few colleagues I was able to carry out my own research – from interviews with the 2020 Delivery leadership team to a study of the wider consultancy sector. From this I was able to develop a series of recommendations which I presented to the whole company.

How would you sum up the overall experience of being an intern here?

Mark: During the eight weeks you are treated as a full team member. You can really get stuck in to the fascinating work that the firm does. I not only found the experience incredibly valuable for my personal development but also enjoyed it enormously.

Will: I’d highly recommend the internship. There were plenty of opportunities for personal development, both through formal training and informal mentoring from my colleagues. The work was really interesting, due to its varied nature and because it was exciting doing work that improves public services. Finally, the people were inspiring and great fun too!

Mark and Will were summer interns at 2020 Delivery. For more information about roles at 2020 Delivery, please visit our careers page.