Urgent Care Transformation: a clinical perspective

Our learning from October’s Facilitating Patient Flow conference
Urgent Care Transformation: a clinical perspective
Oct 16th 2019

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust joined 2020 Delivery in Manchester on October 8th 2019 to present at the Facilitating Patient Flow Conference in Manchester. Thanks to Dr James Kerr who inspired us all with his clinical perspective of transforming care for patients.

2020 Delivery is currently researching the drivers of performance associated with patient flow and, specifically, how hospitals and health systems generate successful change. During the conference, we conducted some research with the delegates, asking them to score success factors associated with change. The results were interesting:

  • Delegates felt that their organisations worked well together and knew about suitable solutions
  • However, they felt that their organisations lacked time and resource to deliver change and that prioritising work was challenging.

These findings match our observations too. Very often, our clients report that they are well aware of the problems they face and the solutions that would help, but don’t know where to start, or how to engage their workforce to deliver change.

Our research with 15 hospital systems over the last two years has given us a unique insight into how clients can overcome these challenges and transform successfully. For more information, please see our approach to urgent care transformation.

Ranking of transformation challenges, from Patient Flow conference delegates