Andrew Grenfell has nine years’ experience in the public and VCSE as a consultant, founder/director, and project manager. Andrew brings structure and creativity to problem solving, an agile approach to conceptualising and increasing social value, and a commitment to using collaboration across organisations and disciplines to improve performance.

While at 2020 Delivery, Andrew worked with a wide range of clinical and management staff, allied health workers, and local system partners, to deliver sustained urgent care performance at two acute hospital trusts. Andrew also brought together stakeholders across a regional NHS partnership to analyse, assess, and prioritise projects for capital funding between different organisations and define a coherent 5-year Estates and Capital Strategy.

Andrew’s previous consulting experience includes strategic analyses of service business models at local authorities, strategic support to an innovative social enterprise health and care consortium, redesign of a large federated charity’s structure and business model, and social impact analysis.

Outside consulting, Andrew has also co-founded social enterprises and community businesses in Russia, and worked in a local authority in the UK. Andrew has an MA in Philosophy from Cambridge University, an MPhil from Oxford University, and a Certificate in Public Administration from the University of Warwick Business School.