Arup Nath’s work in the public sector has focused on the development of long-term strategies and policy initiatives. He brings analytical rigour and expertise in project design and research methods, through his experience of obtaining a DPhil in neuroscience.

During his time at 2020 Delivery, Arup’s experience has included:

  • Working in the education sector, where he has led user research to understand how user groups could be effectively engaged to mitigate the shortfall of teachers in the English state system
  • Mentoring clients in agile ways of working
  • Facilitating live user journey mapping with cross-divisional teams, leading to novel insights and plans of action
  • Leading cross-departmental and cross-agency talks within government to facilitate development of new interventions to boost teacher recruitment
  • Performing data analysis and modelling the impact of tailored solutions on a five-year forecast of teacher inflow and associated budget implications

Prior to joining 2020 Delivery, Arup worked for the Oxford Researcher Consultancy where he led a market expansion project for an international software-as-a-service firm. He also worked with the Oxford Said Business School on a social entrepreneurship programme for Tibetan refugees. He is keenly interested in issues relating to higher education access and has volunteered extensively with several foundations.

Arup holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford, where he developed a potential new stem cell therapy for Parkinson’s disease. He also has a MSc in neurophysiology and a BSc in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Toronto.