Benjamin Walker uses data-driven approaches to create sustainable improvement in the performance of public service organisations.

While at 2020 Delivery, Benjamin’s work has included an operational improvement project within a large hospital trust, evaluating and implementing initiatives to improve patient flow, leading to a significant improvement in 4-hour A&E performance. Benjamin has also provided analytical and modelling support to the radiology department of a large teaching hospital trust, assessing the options for the trust to meet national cancer waiting standards.

Prior to joining 2020 Delivery, Benjamin’s commercial experience was with consumer-focused organisations undergoing periods of significant change across a range of industries, where he advised clients on market opportunities, location intelligence, and changing consumer trends. While working for a pharmaceutical consulting company, he provided scientific support to organisations within the healthcare industry, to improve their communication of clinical and health economic data.

Benjamin holds a First Class degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Durham. During his final year, Benjamin’s research project examined novel therapeutic approaches to C. difficile infection, the most common cause of healthcare-acquired infection. As part of his studies, Benjamin conducted a bioinformatics research project at the University of São Paulo in Brazil to refine a computational approach to molecular docking.