Mike Meredith leads 2020 Delivery’s operations improvement line within our Transformation service. He has extensive experience delivering lasting operational improvement for organisations across the NHS and central government, including developing our unique D5 improvement methodology.

Over the last decade, Mike has led numerous large scale organisational change and operational improvement programmes for clients across public services, whether traditional or digital in nature. Mike draws on a wealth of experience from manufacturing, research, programme management and product development. His expertise includes a range of lean principles, six sigma style data analysis and agile approaches, as well as the development of HM Treasury-level business cases.

Mike designed the D5 methodology – our bespoke and proven methodology for solving complex problems in public services – which has been embedded across a number of our clients to support the delivery of staff-led continuous improvement. He uses models which simplify the improvement process, rather than add unnecessary complications; these offer the greatest impact for public services. D5 has been adopted by the Home Office as their improvement framework of choice.

Mike has trained and mentored hundreds of individuals across public services in improvement methodologies, as well as delivering substantial benefits for clients through organisational strategy and operational improvement projects. Impact generated through this work includes:

  • Reducing average length of stay for emergency medicine patients by 20%, generating recurrent savings of at least £700,000 per year
  • Reducing the average time of an outpatient diagnostic pathway by 90%, through understanding capacity and demand and removing key bottlenecks
  • Increasing the capacity of operating theatre sessions by 30% through visualising performance, minimising variation and applying complexity analysis to balance workload.

Before joining 2020 Delivery, Mike worked for 10 years in R&D and manufacturing in the metal industry across Europe.

Mike is entering his second term as a school governor with a local multi-academy trust – he is seeing the pressures on public services at the sharp end, and also the dedication of many public servants in making things work.

Mike has a PhD from Cambridge University and a Master’s degree from Oxford University, and gained his Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma after training with The George Group (now Accenture).