Sarah Owen has considerable experience working in public services, having previously worked as a hospital consultant, including work on several service improvements, advising on healthcare strategy, and leading teams delivering healthcare services.

At 2020 Delivery, she has supported urgent care improvement in several organisations, working closely with both senior management and front-line staff to help reduce A&E waiting times through improving hospital processes. Sarah has also provided analytical support to organisations developing strategic and pre-consultation business cases.

Whilst working in the NHS, Sarah led on significant service improvements in the delivery of Multiple Sclerosis care in the Hampshire region, as well as advising nationally on behalf of the Association of British Neurologists on how this care should be provided across regions. She has been on several advisory boards, including providing expert guidance to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence. She has a substantial body of publications, which includes several chapters in the standard textbook for psychiatry training.

Sarah has a number of qualifications in line with her work as a hospital consultant, including a medical degree from Cambridge University and a doctorate from Oxford University.