Talitha Tanner has expertise in process improvement. At 2020 Delivery, she has supported rapid improvement work at a London hospital trust with the aim of improving urgent care patient flow. She supported work on the ground, which focused on improving processes on medical wards as well as increasing the flow of a patient group through one of the Trust’s assessment units. Building on this work, she mentored a number of projects at the Trust focused on improving ward processes to reduce delays in discharging and using the Trust’s assessment units to increase flow of specific patient groups.

Before joining 2020 Delivery, Talitha worked as COO of a food start-up where she was involved in managing the operations and finances of the company. Prior to this Talitha worked for Sir Ronald Cohen, where part of her role involved supporting his work on the Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group. She sat on the Chair’s team of this group and worked on communications and group coordination. She has also held positions in the political field, including working as a research assistant to an MP.

Talitha studied History at the University of Oxford.