Tess Moseley-Roberts has expertise in developing and implementing improvement projects within the NHS. She has focused on capability building, engaging a diverse range of stakeholders, and supporting performance improvement and prioritisation plans.

At 2020 Delivery Tess has supported a struggling acute trust to improve its A&E 4-hour performance. She offered intensive on-the-ground support to medical ward staff to improve their processes and communication such that patients receive the right care in the right place at the earliest opportunity. One aspect of this was training and mentoring hospital staff to lead their own improvement projects, such as improving use of the discharge lounge and visibility of daily actions on a medical ward. Tess also led on key elements of the trust’s urgent and emergency care transformation vision and delivery plan, rationalising and prioritising a large number of live projects to maximise their impact and realise improvement to A&E performance.

Before joining 2020 Delivery Tess held a committee role for Linkages, a student-led volunteering programme which aims to reduce loneliness among older people. She was also an elected course representative where she worked with students and staff to co-produce innovative solutions to challenges that her university department faced. In addition, Tess has worked for the preventative health charity HENRY, where she managed the logistics of nationwide training courses.

Tess has a first-class degree in Politics and Sociology from the University of Bristol. She took a particular interest in structural inequality during her studies, and focused in her final year on ethnographical research exploring the power dynamics within Bristol’s street community.