D5 Methodology

A proven methodology for solving complex problems in the public sector
  • Solve complex problems
  • Deliver quality and efficiency improvements fast and effectively
  • Drive insight
  • Have a common team language and approach for improvement
  • Use proven tools within a standard project framework

  • Define– identify the performance challenges, link them to business needs
  • Discover– understand the current process or system and the performance gap or opportunity
  • Design– generate possible solutions to address the performance challenge
  • Deliver– pilot, iterate, implement and deliver improved performance
  • Digest– review progress, learnings and opportunities to share best practice

D5 is a bespoke improvement methodology created by 2020 Delivery, specifically for the public sector. It was designed by Dr Mike Meredith from his ten years’ experience consulting for the public sector, and previous ten years’ experience as a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma working in R&D and manufacturing. Find out more about the history of the D5 methodology.

“Suddenly I see such clarity in problem solving. Why did no one teach me this before?”