Capability building

We believe that sustained improvement comes from enabling and empowering people to deliver.

We are a trusted partner for public service organisations across healthcare and central government in building capability to transform performance. Our programmes have developed the improvement capabilities of more than 2000 people across public services.

Our unique capability building approach, based on our ‘D5’ improvement methodology delivers project impact whilst developing people and maximising value for money for our clients. We aim to build capabilities that are sustained over time and bring real benefits to teams and organisations, not just to individuals.

Senior leaders seek our expertise for:

Transforming delivery culture

We supported one of the UK’s leading NHS foundation trusts to develop an integrated capability building and transformation programme, leading to delivery of over 100 projects and overall achievement of both the best outcomes in the country and a large cost improvement plan (£140m of savings over two years).

Establishing improvement methodologies and capacity within an organisation

We have supported numerous front line departments with training and mentoring in our improvement methodology and established sustainable organisation-wide development programmes.

Providing valued coaching and guidance to senior leaders

We ensure that all our projects involve significant consulting director time and support so that we can provide insightful coaching to help you deliver on your agenda.

Establishing new transformation and strategy teams

We supported a client to develop an in-house performance improvement approach and delivery team to transform service performance and outcomes. This team has now been working independently for over five years and has won industry awards for their culture of continuous improvement and delivery.

Contact us to discuss how you can create your own cohort of transformation agents within your organisation – whether you want to improve the analysis and modelling skills of a couple of your team members, or you’re searching for the right partners for a large scale, multidisciplinary programme. See the detail of our current programmes beginning with Delivering Fast Effective Projects for more details or contact us to discuss your particular needs.