Continuous Improvement

Do you want to achieve impactful, sustainable performance improvement?

We offer a variety of continuous improvement programmes, each built around our structured ‘D5’ methodology:

  • Define the problem to be addressed, set the scope and KPIs, plan the work, engage with stakeholders to understand their view
  • Describe – use quantitative and qualitative data to understand the current state of a process or service and/or the root causes of a problem
  • Design – establish a vision for a future state, developing strategic recommendations and/or using rapid improvement cycles to design a new process
  • Deliver – plan for implementation, engage stakeholders and deliver a sustainable change
  • Digest – evaluate the outcomes of a project, identifying improvements and communicating success

Championing Continuous Improvement is typically suitable for staff involved in the front line delivery of services, looking to improve the performance of their teams. Delivering Continuous Improvement is our more intensive programme, which teaches a wide range of relevant techniques to identify performance challenges, link them to business needs, and deliver solutions. Graduates of Delivering Continuous Improvement are able to coach others in the continuous improvement approach.

Both programmes are available in-house at your organisation to groups of 8-16 participants.  Following a classroom training course (two or five days), each participant undertakes a project that addresses one or more organisational strategic priorities. One-to-one and group mentoring supports the participant in applying the D5 methodology and continuous improvement techniques over their project period (3-6 months). Both programmes conclude with a viva, where the participant delivers a short presentation about their project to a senior panel from their organisation, who assess impact and capability development.

While mentoring and vivas are strongly encouraged, Championing Continuous Improvement is available as a standalone training event.

We also offer Leading Continuous Improvement, a bespoke one day programme aimed at developing leaders’ capabilities in assessing their organisations’ processes; managing performance and improvement; and leading behavioural and cultural change. We will tailor the content and mix of activities for the session to achieve your particular aims, whether these relate to general awareness-raising or to specific questions regarding your programme’s next steps.

Learn about some of the key tools we teach on our continuous improvement programmes, and find out more about our development programmes.