Delivering Data Driven Insight

Do you or your team need to make decisions based on messy, complex data?

This programme shows participants how to take the incomplete, messy and complex data they come across in their day-to-day jobs and use it to create rigorous analysis that supports the challenging decisions organisations need to make.  It consists of a three-day classroom training course, with options group mentoring and or one-to-one mentoring with a viva assessment.  It is available in-house at your organisation for groups of 8-16 participants. Previous participants range from data analysts to project managers, fast streamers and strategy team members.

During the course, participants will learn how to:

  • Gather and work with data sources
  • Develop options
  • Build accessible MS Excel models that take uncertainty into account
  • Summarise data
  • Develop insight
  • Create visual representations to support decision making

Ideally, each participant undertakes a project following the training that addresses one or more organisational strategic priorities, over a period of 3-4 months. One-to-one and/or group mentoring support the participant in applying the techniques taught during this time. The programme concludes with a viva where the participant delivers a short presentation about their project to a senior panel from their organisation, who assess impact and capability development.

While some element of  mentoring is strongly encouraged, Delivering Data Driven Insight is also available as a standalone training event.

You can find out about some of the key tools we teach on Delivering Data Driven Insight, and find out more about our development programmes.