Delivery planning

We know how to get change delivered effectively in public services, with more than a decade of expertise in the ‘science of delivery’.

Public Services often invest too much in what to deliver and too little in how to deliver it, with the result that “it” often fails to reach and benefit people. We help organisations to create delivery plans, form high performing delivery units, and establish supporting systems, governance and reporting that enable boards to drive performance.

Delivery plans

By combining focused problem solving with rigorous analysis, we help clients to create robust delivery plans that tackle the root causes of their delivery challenges. Plans are developed collaboratively with leaders from all levels of the organisation and tested rigorously through wide-ranging staff engagement.

Our experience covers a range of levels, and across different types of public services. This includes national-level delivery plans for a particular government policy, regional delivery plans for complex, multi-organisation changes (e.g., implementation of reconfiguration of hospital services for a region), and local delivery plans within an individual organisation.

Delivery units

We help build high-performing delivery units, training and mentoring delivery teams to equip clients with the problem solving and analytical skills required to maintain a rigorous focus on delivery.

Delivery systems & information

We have a strong track record of designing and implementing impactful management information systems, to support delivery programmes as well as supporting routine management performance tracking.