Digital & Innovation

Our Digital & Innovation practice focuses on enabling digital transformation, helping to bring impactful, up-to-date solutions to public services. Our experience includes working with HM Government to develop the original “Government as a Platform” concepts and securing a nine-fold increase in investment, as well as supporting some of the largest NHS organisations to prioritise investments for “digital patient journeys” that transform patient outcomes and experience. We also focus more broadly on the process of innovation, applying expertise in harnessing disruptive new technologies in established public services. For example, we rolled out a mental and physical health integration model using digital technology and cloud based systems. We support large organisations with landmark projects involving large capital investments and wide-ranging partnerships across public services, industry and charities. At the core of our approach is a focus on understanding user needs at a sufficiently deep level to prioritise investment and action. We achieve this through rich interviews augmented by data analysis, surveys and social media sentiment analysis. We aim to work at the intersection of digital innovation (including AI), academic research, and delivery science. Our clients seek us out to work with them on the most complex business propositions. We support their teams to build a common understanding of the opportunities and challenges they face and help them develop practical and easy-to-use digital solutions that achieve better patient outcomes and enhance efficiency.