Digital service transformation

2020 Delivery helps public services transform to meet the needs of the digital age. We place great emphasis on determining the true benefits of digitisation whilst engaging all stakeholders in the change.

Our approach starts by identifying the business case for change, then understanding user needs, redesigning services around these needs, and using iterative, agile methodologies to deliver radical digital transformation. Throughout, we put great emphasis on determining the true quality and financial benefits of digitisation whilst engaging all stakeholders across the organisation in the change.

Our digital experience includes:

  • Supporting the leading global government digital unit in the development of successful business cases for cross-government transformation plans for the next five years: resulting in the creation of a radical, modern, platform-based digital infrastructure for public services.
  • Leading the design, development and delivery of a major transformation programme for a world-leading acute hospital, delivering significant improvements in financial performance, whilst simultaneously increasing clinical and patient outcome performance to the extent the hospital was named ‘Trust of the Year’.
  • Working with two major government transport agencies to develop business cases for their digital transformation plans. This included analysing the strategic opportunity from digital transformation, identifying multi-million pound savings opportunities from an update of systems architecture, shared data, service redesign, and utilisation of platform-based technologies.
  • Supporting several government agencies and host departments for a major strategic redesign of key operations around user-needs, leading to a HM Treasury standard business case.
  • Providing critical strategic challenge and advice on digital strategy business cases for a leading UK hospital.

Our team combines expertise in UK public services with best-in-class digital transformation approaches that focus on delivering results.