Financial recovery and turnaround

We have extensive experience supporting public service organisations, especially providers and commissioners, to deliver financial turnaround and sustainability. We understand the critical importance of maintaining service quality when developing deliverable financial recovery plans.


We develop meaningful, intelligent national and international benchmarking that harnesses the myriad of public service datasets. We complement this with an understanding of what “good” performance and service design looks like in different parts of public services. We understand the legislative context and complexities within which our clients operate – including the importance of public consultation for major service change – and the context of the professional disciplines involved in the delivery of the services.

In a number of public services, there are limited opportunities to raise more income as a route to financial recovery: instead financial recovery plans for these organisations must be cost-focused, examining opportunities to perform activities more efficiently, and opportunities to reduce low-value activities.

Our financial recovery plans typically combine:

  1. Costed, evidence-based initiatives that, once delivered, will enable financial recovery;
  2. Locally-owned delivery plans, with clear milestones and benefits realisation criteria, for each initiative;
  3. Governance arrangements, to support rapid delivery of initiatives.

We ensure that recommendations can be implemented quickly and effectively, and that recommendations command support within the organisations involved. We draw on our experience in delivery planning to ensure the foundations for successful implementation are in place.