Operational improvement

2020 Delivery combines expertise in improvement methodologies with a strong track record of delivering sustained performance improvements within public services, through interventions from the front line to the boardroom.

Whatever aspect of performance we are looking towards improving, we know that real results depend on three key factors, each which need to be achieved in equal balance.

Quality of solution

Any proposed change has to be based on clear logic and supporting evidence. It must also support a clear vision. We work closely with our clients to understand what is really driving performance (for example, a poor process, variation in skills and experience, or insufficient communication) and develop a robust hypothesis for achieving the required improvements.


Any new way of working has to be well understood and supported by those involved. We always work alongside our clients throughout a development process to ensure that the understanding behind a new idea is clear and the commitment to change is real. Part of this engagement is often to run experiments with clients to prove that an idea really works.


A good idea which is well understood will achieve nothing unless focus is sustained long enough for the benefits to be realised. We support our clients through the delivery phase so that their ideas are given the best chance of success.