Organisation development and transformation

We are leaders in public service organisational development, known for our capacity to combine delivery expertise and cultural understanding to help you engage your whole organisation in transformation.

At 2020 Delivery we support public services leaders to transform their organisations to meet strategic and delivery needs.

Our comprehensive experience and expertise in successfully and sustainably managing change includes:

  • Transformation and quality improvement programmes
  • Digitising
  • Capability building
  • Cultural assessment
  • Team development
  • Organisation design and restructuring

Align transformation and strategy

We tailor our approach to achieve the organisation’s strategic ambition in the most effective and sustainable way. Our expertise in strategy and business planning ensures the transformation delivers the strategy, sustainably.

Deliver and engage, at scale

By blending group activities, individual engagements and creative techniques we help people to build a sense of energy and excitement about the changes they are making.

Our track record shows that our techniques scale effectively. We have helped many organisations, involving tens of thousands of staff, through embedding small focused teams tasked with leading change.


Our unique approach creates capabilities, capacity and pace within the organisation to deliver change quickly and in a long-term sustainable way.

Bring the latest thinking

As experienced guides and supporters of digitisation, we can ensure that this is a fully integrated part of an organisation’s transformation strategy.

Our cultural assessment approach, robust project change methodology (D5), Innovation Weeks, Health Exchange and Imaging Insights Solutions are all designed with our public service clients to ensure that change is delivered successfully.