Strategy and business planning

We are experts in strategy development and implementation, using evidence to identify which decisions taken now will build the strongest public services for the future.

Investing limited resources to meet the uncertain and changing needs of service users is one of the greatest challenges facing public service leaders. 2020 Delivery has supported over 50 organisations – both public service providers and commissioners – to develop and deliver more than 200 strategy and business planning projects.

Our aim is to support our clients to make and implement effective decisions about investments, priorities and areas for change. We have delivered strategy projects across all levels of the system including operational strategies for individual service lines, corporate strategies for whole organisations, national strategies for government departments, service reconfiguration strategies and collaborative strategies across multiple organisations.


We typically start by developing a clear picture of the current situation including performance on quality of service, activity, and finances. This picture of the current situation may include root cause analysis on key problems, benchmarking analyses, variability analysis and analysis of trends over time.

We work with you to understand and analyse what changes are likely as a result of your environment, producing a forecast of the future under a ‘business as usual’ scenario. We define, develop and then appraise strategic options that relate to decisions and actions that you could take. The appraisal will typically cover several dimensions, for example impact on quality of service, financial impact and deliverability.

Our approach uses our insights, from the last decade, of what it takes to implement strategies effectively in public services, and ensures that we take full account of the context within which the strategy is being developed.

We focus on ensuring that recommendations can be implemented quickly and effectively, and on ensuring the recommendations can command support within the organisations involved. We draw on our experience in delivery planning to ensure the foundations for successful implementation are in place.


We have repeatedly helped clients to align their organisation around a strategy, to implement that strategy and then to realise the intended benefits.