Making change happen in public services is an exciting and complex challenge. Engaging such a broad range of stakeholders and effecting such widespread organisational change could seem daunting but, as a public services consultancy, we are motivated by creating meaningful and sustainable improvements to public services. We relish the opportunity to support our clients to meet this challenge and achieve outstanding results.

Our collaborative approach and cultural understanding are key to the transformations we support. We work with you and your teams and stakeholders at all levels to bring together their knowledge and experience and focus it into a purposeful programme of change.

Transformation is all about achieving better outcomes for your service users and your staff, as well as delivering value and efficiency. Working with you, we build realistic strategies and go on to support you in delivering them sustainably.

Capability building is a crucial part of this. Your teams can acquire the skills and confidence they need to maintain and evolve the transformation programme and keep delivering improvements. Our best-in-class training program has made us the provider of choice for problem solving training within the civil service.

We are proud to have supported many high-profile clients in transforming their organisations in inspiring ways, and an advantage of this experience and breadth of knowledge is that we have identified common situations and reused proven insights to help tackle these situations. Within urgent care this has allowed us to roll-out support to trusts in a range of starting positions and deliver sustained improvements in 4-hour performance, with results so significant they have improved regional-level measures.

We offer bespoke tools to address issues that we’ve learned affect many organisations. Find out more about our Transformation Tools.