Transformation Tools

In transformation and operational improvement projects in the public service, similar challenges regularly arise in different organisations.

An advantage of our breadth and depth of experience is that we can identify these common situations and reuse proven insights to help tackle them more quickly.

For the NHS, we’ve developed bespoke tools to address issues that we’ve learned affect many organisations.

Imaging Insights

Developed with leading UK imaging departments to help transform services and improve productivity. Our method uses a unique standardised set of times (SIET©), calculated at imaging code level by 2020 consultants working with a distinguished clinical panel. The tool measures the performance and productivity of individual consultants, providing insight that focuses process improvements. Find out more about our Imaging Insights Solution.

Cancer Pathway Insights

An insight method that tackles three of the most common problems that cancer services providers face. It helps leadership teams to evaluate opportunities and trade-offs to achieve widely demanded outcomes and start testing custom solutions. The focus is on maximising service quality and affordability.

Cancer Pathway Insights addresses diagnostic services and how to make sure they meet demand, designing and operating cancer MDTs and outpatient pathways, so that patients aren’t lost to follow-up.

Admin Insights

Helps NHS organisations understand the roles that administrative processes play in the quality and performance of patient services. The method gives organisations an understanding of opportunities to improve quality and reduce cost at any and every stage of the patient pathway.

Emergency Pathway Insights

Our insight solution helps commissioners and trusts understand rapidly where they can focus effort to make improvements in the pressured environment of non-elective services. We’ve deployed it for emergency departments, flow through to wards and discharge processes.

Elective Pathway Insights

Outpatient service far exceed the activity of any other hospital service in terms of patient contacts, so they have a big impact on overall patient experience, outcomes, trust income and cost. Our insight tools help teams quickly identify opportunities to improve service quality and patient experience while delivering best value.