Urgent Care Transformation

2020 Delivery has a tried and tested model for improving urgent and emergency care performance across systems

In the last 18 months, 2020 Delivery has supported a dozen systems across England with urgent and emergency care improvement. All systems have improved 4-hour performance.

In partnership with regional NHS teams, we have developed our Sprint-Sustain Improvement Model which delivers rapid change and then, most importantly, supports local teams to sustain these results.

sprint sustain model

This tried-and tested approach was used in London to deliver improved resilience across three Trusts. All supported Trusts delivered improvement in 4-hour performance while many of their neighbours struggled to overcome the year-on-year increases in system pressure.

London 4 hour performance

Systems starting and then repeating these Sprint-Sustain cycles have seen these benefits:

  • A greater understanding the key drivers of performance in their local system
  • Immediate results in patient flow and 4-hour performance (at least 3-5% sustained)
  • A Kick-start / regeneration of their own focused system-wide transformation programme
  • Engagement of their organisations and system partners
  • Improved staff morale and excitement around using QI to drive culture-change
  • Shared knowledge with NHSI and other regional systems

To find out more about our approach to improving urgent care pathways, contact Chris Bradley