Our Values

Our values matter

Our values are a bit different. We’ve thought about them a lot, and they reflect and underpin the way we work with our clients and the approach we take to our projects.


Realism yes, cynicism no. Everyone in our team shares a genuine passion for public services and a belief that we can help our clients achieve great things for their staff, service users and patients. There are challenges to overcome, but with determination and the right skills and ideas, organisations and their teams can and will deliver outstanding services in the real world. And they’re already doing so.


In public services, budgets and value are rightly scrutinised. We rely on evidence-based insight to support all our work. We get involved with everyday operations to understand how processes really work and what life feels like for staff and end users. We gather and process data using sophisticated analysis. We test ideas and models to make sure they’ll deliver the expected outcomes.


We’re passionate about public service, but we don’t know everything. We learn every day from the experienced and dedicated people we work with. That’s why we collaborate and co-create in our projects. We’re called 2020 Delivery because we don’t walk away when the real work starts: we get involved in delivering change and making things happen alongside you.


The way we work with you, your staff, your partner organisations, your service users and each other is always respectful. We treat everyone equally, whether they’re the chief executive, the cleaner or the delivery driver. We seek to understand and embrace your culture and best way of working, exploring different perspectives and priorities. We’re empathetic and professional, seeking to bring teams together with a common purpose and excitement about the future.

Find out about how we apply our values in voluntary work and environmental mindfulness.